Competencies for Success

Organizations looking to outshine the competition will need the the right leaders, management and workforce to achieve desired results. This translates to having talent with the right knowledge, skills and behavioural traits in order to achieve desired business goals & objectives. Without clearly defined competencies, organizations will inevitably find it difficult to ascertain if an individual can perform the job to the required performance level and equally challenging in identifying key developmental areas to close performance gaps.

The competency framework is a highly critical stepping stone where susequent talent management initiatives are built on. It forms a basis for leadership & workforce planning, recruitment, development and performance management. Having a solid competency framework puts the organization in a strategic position to achieve long-term success.

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competencies for success
  • Hiring the wrong person due to unclear role expectations & required competencies
  • Measuring wrong performance metrics
  • Identifying wrong perfromance gaps and subsequently developingcompetencies that are non-essential to improving performance
  • Lack of clarity in workforce planning