Calent3 – a SPRING Singapore Capability Development Grant (CDG)
Service Provider

Calent3 – CDG partner in association with SPRING Singapore

Calent3 is a qualified service provider under the Capability Development Grant (CDG), a financial assistance programme by SPRING Singapore that helps organisations build capabilities across 10 key business areas, ranging from raising service standards, incorporating HR Integrated Services to business model transformation. 

The Capability Development Grant (CDG) aims to support SMEs* to scale up business capabilities and ensure business sustainability. The grant defrays up to 70 percent of qualifying project costs such as consultancy, training, certification and equipment costs.

Calent3 provides the following management consultancy services under the CDG Development Areas:

  • Human Capital Development;
  • Business Excellence;
  • Business Model Transformation &
  • Service Excellence
*SME Eligibility conditions for this grant:
- Company is registered and operating in Singapore;
- At least 30% local shareholding;
- Group annual sales turnover ≤ S$100 million or group employment of ≤ 200 employees.

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Registered Management Consultant

Calent3  is proud to announce that Mr Edmund Seng, our Founder and Managing Director, is now part of the pool of Registered Management Consultants (RMC). RMC is a SPRING Singapore recognised certification programme that is awarded to management consultants for their skills, knowledge and competencies aligned to the TR 43:2015 Management Consultants Standard. Calent3 is now able to offer professional advice in the area of Capital Development Grants under SPRING Singapore.