Free Preview Session: How To Manage An Outplacement Exercise

Outplacement occurs when organizations go through the difficult decision of restructuring, downsizing, rightsizing and sometimes total closure. As a result, jobs are made redundant. Following the global financial crisis of 2008/09, the world economy is once again facing volatile times. Currently, we notice outplacement activity picking up across various sectors (Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Banking & Finance, Supply Chain Management & Logistics to name a few). HR leaders and practitioners have the important task of leading and facilitating outplacement initiatives as professionally as possible.

Some of the issues they may face include:

- Maintaining a positive image & reputation for the organization which may be severely tarnished due to negative media coverage and “below-the-line” industry-talk.
– Dealing with highly-charged emotional situations during the entire Outplacement process.
– Minimizing the negative impact of the Outplacement exercise on remaining employees; in particular their morale & productivity.
– Circumventing an “every man for himself” crisis and retaining talent in the organization.

Calent3 is organizing a Free Preview Session on “How To Manage An Outplacement Exercise” , for HR leaders and practitioners on 26th August 2016 (Friday), Malaysia, KL and 16th September 2016 (Friday), Singapore from 2pm to 5pm. During this session, our Outplacement & Career Management Practice leader will share the following:

- Gain an overview on how to professionally manage an outplacement exercise
– Learn more about Calent3’s total transition framework and how organizations can effectively manage and implement an end-to-end transition initiative
– Discover the various pitfalls that may occur during outplacement
– Gain insights into the various career transition assistance services for affected employees

Limited Seats Available! This preview session is limited to an exclusive size of 6-8 guests. Register now to reserve your seats for this event.

Contact Ms Heng Wei Ling at +65 3157 1752 or if you’re in Singapore to find out more!


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