Calent3 Partners Surveys@Work for Thought-Leadership Organizational & Employee Survey Instruments

News Release

15 July 2012

Calent3 Partners Surveys@Work for Thought-Leadership Organizational & Employee Survey Instruments

Calent3 continues to provide thought-leadership in organization effectiveness by strengthening our suite of research-based organizational climate, employee engagement and 360 feedback instruments via strategic partnership with Surveys@Work.

As part of our continuous effort to provide industry leading organization effectiveness solutions, Calent3 has partnered Surveys@Work for organizational climate, employee opinions, employee engagement and 360 feedback instruments. No survey size is too small or big. We can support both small (e.g. 100 or less respondents) or large global scale survey requests.

By utilizing research based, simple to understand and easy to implement instruments, Calent3 ensures that our organization effectiveness solutions continue to be easily adopted by our clients and users.

Via a custom-designed survey platform, surveys can be custom designed via drawing upon a wide databank of survey questions or clients can choose to include their own in-house questionnaire.

Client organizations can also leverage on a wide database of respondents and compare against normative data. While data is good, it is the information derived and how it is used to support strategic decisions that matter most. The true value of organization/employee surveys comes from discovering the correlation with desired outcomes.

We also welcome open-ended questions, which can provide valuable insights and help validate quantitative data. Lastly, We can also support multiple languages including East Asian script (e.g. Chinese, Korean, Japanese, etc.)

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