Max Potential

On the 19th of October 2017, Calent3 launched a Max Potential Free Preview Session for some of our fresh Degree and Masters graduates. The session was held exclusively for a small group of participants to ensure the greatest takeaway and sure enough, our participants left the session with many useful insights that would aid in their first step towards the working society.

The Max Potential Program is a revolutionary and powerful career success program designed to deliver results in real world. It incorporates the career best-practices garnered from over more than a decade of career consulting and coaching experience that Calent3 had from partnering with Fortune 500 MNCs and thousands of individuals. 

Find out more about the program  here.

Check out our participants having fun while gaining great insights to planning their career ahead.

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edmund_seng_calent3_careermanagement_maxpotential05 edmund_seng_calent3_careermanagement_maxpotential