Need A Job? He has exposure to different HR-Type work

Calent3’s MD, Mr. Edmund Seng in the news

Edmund Seng, (current MD of Calent3) was featured in the news giving advice to featured job seekers.

Need A Job?

Each week, The Sunday Times’ Jobs section will feature two readers who are looking for jobs. A recruitment expert will look through their resumes and suggest what they should do or aim for to increase their chances of getting employed.

He has exposure to different HR-Type work

S. M. Hussain, 26

  • He is working as a part-time fitness instructor in a fitness studio.
  • He did a three-month internship in a human resource department of a sports company last year.
  • He has conducted workplace health promotion programmes for three organizations including Nokia and the National Library.
  • He is looking for a full-time position in the HR sector.
  • He holds a degree in business management (majoring in human resources and minoring in marketing) from the Singapore Instituted of Management (SIM). He also has a diploma in sport and wellness management from Nanyang Polytechinic.


“The HR positions that I’ve applied for so far mostly required one or two years of experience, which I do not have at this point. But I believe that as long as there is a willingness to learn, experience may not be the most important factor.”


Mr Edmund Seng says:

“I see a very attractive package in him. He has exposure to different types of work related to HR, from project management to strategising HR policies.

“If I were in his shoes, I would highlight these experiences to potential employers, especially the part about conducting workplace and health promotion programmes. This is an area that many companies are looking into right now and he could fill the void.

“It is very rare for men to become HR specialists but having said that, this could also be turned into an advantage for him.

“I would suggest he consider a contract position or an internship in an HR department first to get his foot into the industry’s door.