Need A Job? She has experience in hotel pre-openings

Calent3’s MD, Mr. Edmund Seng in the news

Edmund Seng, (current MD of Calent3) was featured in the news giving advice to featured job seekers.

Need A Job?

Each week, The Sunday Times’ Jobs section will feature two readers who are looking for jobs. A recruitment expert will look through their resumes and suggest what they should do or aim for to increase their chances of getting employed.

She has experience in hotel pre-openings

N. M. Cardoz, 36

  • She left her job as a hotel handling training in December last year to move back into hotel operations
  • She has more than 10 years’ experience working in hotels. She was based in Boston and New York for about eight years. She was also part of the pre-opening teams of two hotels.
  • She is looking for a room manager position in a hotel.
  • She holds a degree in hotel and restaurant institutional management and an associate degree in culinary arts from the Johnson and Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island.


“I was more focused on staff training in my previous job but I want to do more hands-on work. I think my potential is still in operations.

“I am able to inspire people and work in teams.”


Mr Edmund Seng says:

“Nicola is a very engaging ad energetic person. You can tell that she really enjoys what she does and her passion shows.

“She has a very consistent and solid work record. Her overseas work experience puts her at an advantage as she is able to bring new ideas to the table, which will be a value-add to her future employer.”

“She should highlight her key achievements and skill sets in her resume and during interviews to make her stand out from the competition.