Max Potential©

“Empowering You To Achieve Your Max Potential. Because You Can!”

The Max Potential© program is a revolutionary and powerful career success program designed to deliver results in the real world.

Incorporating career best-practices garnered over more than a decade of career consulting and coaching experience partnering Fortune 500 MNCs and thousands of individuals, the Max Potential© program is a results proven program that is customizable to suit the needs of individuals including students, early or mid-career executives, managers and organizational leaders.

The Max Potential© Suite of Programs

Max Potential© is a fully integrated career success program. It is customizable, structured yet flexible enough to fit your preferred pace and time schedule. All Max Potential© programs were designed to meet the needs of individuals at various stages of their lives & careers.

  • Are you a student or soon-to-graduate and wondering about various career options and how to go about your job search?
  • Have you just started your career and aspiring for greater career success?
  • Perhaps you are at a mid-career stage feeling frustrated about your current job/career and would like to do better?

Regardless if you are a student, early or mid-career individual, we have a program that will suit you!

Success Stories!

“After being jobless for 7 months, I was truly desperate to find a job and get back to work. My savings were also depleting fast. I found out about the Max Potential program from a friend and decided to give it a try. That was one of the best decisions I’ve made so far in my life!

I was amazed at their systematic approach towards job search and career planning. My coach was very professional and highly experienced. Through my coach, I realized I was making many elementary mistakes in my job search. My CV was also totally revamped to be much more concise and powerful. In addition, I learnt how to surface hidden job opportunities and tips on how to ace interviews. It was no surprise that after 2 months, I had received 3 job offers!”

- Lynn T
Finance Manager in Real Estate MNC


“I was truly devastated after being laid-off by my company where I worked for 6 years. I never felt so lost and down in my life. It was the 2008 global financial crisis and most companies were not hiring.

I tried desperately for months to look for a job without success. I even thought of becoming a cab driver! I found out about Max Potential and within the first session, I regained so much more confidence as I realized their time-tested approaches had proven successful with many individuals in the same situation as me. After 3 months, I received job offers from 2 global MNCs! Max Potential truly helped me through one of the toughest stages of my life.”

- Kenny C 
Senior Lab Engineer in Global Chemicals MNC


Max Potential
Facing These Issues?
  • Demoralized because you are unable to land a job of your choice?
  • Frustrated with a lacklustre & stale career?
  • Feel you can achieve much more with your career?
How Can You Benefit From The Max Potential
  • Gain insights into the secrets of landing your ideal job
  • Partner an accreditated Max Potential career expert to help you achieve career success
  • Achieve desired results from our structured program tailored to meet your needs
  • Leverage on our established network with more than 5,000 HR leaders
  • Benefit from our extensive experience gained from working with Fortune 500 MNCs on career and leadership success factors