LIVED® Leadership Development Programme

“Developing VUCA ready leaders”

The dynamics of today’s business environment means that change is now the only constant. We live in a world which is constantly changing in an unpredictable way, it has become a permanent condition that should not be ignored. Leaders in organizations would have to cope with an increasingly fast paced world where Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity (VUCA) is the new norm.

It is thus critical that organizations ensure that leaders are developed and equipped with the skills and traits to handle the VUCA world. The LIVED® solution is the only end-to-end Leadership Assessment and Development Programme, including the following:

  • LIVED™ Leadership Assessment
    • From pre-assessment scoping to post-assessment engagement
    • LIVED 360®
    • LIVED® Core Development Programme


  • The only end-to-end Leadership Assessment and Development Programme
  • High quality yet cost-effective solution
  • Equip leaders with identified leadership dimensions based on a carefully constructed leadership model based on continuing research into desired behaviours of leaders
  • Sets measurable business impact as its priority, ensuring that your investment is made worthwhile


  • Leaders are commonly blinded by existing protocols and are unable to see beyond the fog of ambiguity
  • Leaders are unable to be comfortable with being uncomfortable
  • Failing to manage complexity effectively
  • Failing to respond quickly and adapt


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Date: 24/11/17 
Venue: UE Square
Duration: 2pm – 5pm

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