The Calent3 Outplacement Trends Survey (2017/18)

The Calent3 Outplacement Trends Survey (2017/18)

Following the global financial crisis of 2007-08, the world’s economy continues to face uncertainty and instability. As such, organizations continue to restructure in a bid to remain competitive and outplacement has now become more commonplace. In addition, organizations also find themselves increasingly challenged to ensure both business and employees interests are met when implementing an outplacement exercise.

Outplacement exercises take a huge toll on both affected employees as well as remaining employees. Business and HR leaders who may not be experienced in outplacement inevitably find themselves unprepared to deal with the challenges that lie ahead. HR leaders who are experienced in outplacement may also be faced with increasing business & budget constrains and demands.

Calent3’s Outplacement & Career Management practice partners Global & Fortune 500 MNCs, large organizations, SMEs, government agencies and non-profit organizations to provide a full spectrum of outplacement services. Such services range from exercise pre-planning, notification coaching, on-site support on the day itself, career transition assistance & programs to outplaced employees and post-exercise change & transition management for remaining employees.

Calent3 strives to be a thought leader in the field of outplacement and constantly examines how we can improve, refine and innovate our suite of outplacement & career transition services.

The Calent3 Outplacement Trends Survey (2017/18) seeks to gather real-world insights from HR practitioners and leaders. Consequently, the full report will be shared with all respondents of the survey.

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