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  • Organization Effectiverness

    In today’s ultra-competitive business environment, organisations need to ...

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  • Human Resource Transformation

    With the intensifying war for talent, HR now plays an even greater role to in partnering ...

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  • Outplacement & Career Management

    Today’s rapid-changing economy translates to shorter industry & business life cycles.

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  • Max Potential

    The Max Potential© program is a revolutionary and powerful career ...

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  • A Max Potential Program Success Story

    Lynn T, a Finance Manager in Real Estate MNC was jobless for 7 months before she joined the Max Potential Program. Read on to find out how the program have helped her.
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    Case Example: "Coping with Change via Effective Teams"
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  • Case Example: "Engaging & Developing Employees to Win"
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  • Case Example: "Think Change & Effective Teams" 
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Welcome to Calent3 Pte Ltd, your trusted partner in business transformation and organisational excellence. As one of the leading management consulting firms in Singapore, we specialise in talent management solutions and organisation capability development to empower your business for improved performance and sustainable growth.

At Calent3, we understand that modern organisations face unprecedented challenges in attracting, developing, and retaining top-tier talent. With a team of experienced experts and a proven track record, we can help your business thrive by optimising your human capital.

To date, we have partnered more than 500 clients in business strategy development, organisational change, leadership & workforce development, outplacement & career transition and HR transformation.

Why Does My Business Need Talent Management and HR Transformation Solutions?

Customer, employee, and stakeholder needs and expectations have changed significantly in recent years. As such, organisations must adapt accordingly; it is only through renewal and transformation that businesses can survive — and thrive — In a competitive environment.

Driving this transformation is human capital, arguably one of a business’s most vital resources — organisational strategy and innovation ultimately go to waste if people in the organisation are not effectively utilised. Unfortunately, talent acquisition and management is more complicated than it seems: while it can be easy to fill empty positions, it is often challenging to land and retain talents that remain loyal to the organisation. It is also common for organisations to overlook talent recruitment, development, and retention in favour of internal dynamics and short-term objectives. 

Contact us to learn more about how Calent3 has partnered more than 500 organisations throughout Asia Pacific through best-practice talent management and capability development solutions.

Organisation Effectiveness

In today’s ultra-competitive business environment, organisations must adopt a proactive approach toward strategy and talent management. As a business consultancy specialising in Organisation Effectiveness, Calent3 helps organisations align their human capital initiatives with their strategic direction to ensure optimise and retain talent to achieve desired business objectives.

Human Resource Transformation

Organisations today must stand out from the crowd to attract and retain top talent. Calent3 business consultancy services help businesses undergo HR transformation to transform with HR operations from operation & tactical functions into a truly strategic HR business partner function and position themselves as “employers of choice”.

Outplacement and Career Management

Today’s rapidly changing economy translates to shorter industry and business life cycles. Calent3 partners organisations through these transitions with our Total Transition framework, outplacement best-practices and impactful career transition solutions

Max Potential

Leveraging from Calent3’s experience partnering Fortune 500 MNCs in our business consultancy and career management services, we developed the Max Potential© program, a revolutionary and powerful career success program designed to deliver results in the real world. All individuals, whether fresh graduates or seasoned industry experts, can gain insight into their professional needs and plan their career trajectories.

Why Choose Calent3?

Proven Track Record. Our success stories speak for themselves. We have partnered with a diverse range of clients, including Global and Fortune 500 MNCs, large enterprises, government agencies, and non-profit organisations.

Client-Centric Approach. At Calent3 Pte Ltd, our clients’ success is key. We believe that all successful engagements start with purposeful conversations to understand your unique business challenges and objectives, tailoring our solutions to meet your specific needs.

Local and Global Perspective. As an Asia Pacific centric management consulting firm headquartered in Singapore, our consultants, trainers, and coaches stem from Global and Fortune 500 MNCs - bringing with them over 200 years of combined practitioner and/or consulting experience including invaluable insights from various sectors. We combined these insights with our culture of constant innovation to offer leading edge organisation capability and talent management solutions, partnering organisations like yours to remain competitive and win in today’s volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) environment.