Program Title:

A.C.E The Interview & Win-Win Negotiation Premium


Target Audience:

Mid-late career individuals


  • At your mid-late career stage and looking for other job opportunities but have little/no confidence for job interviews?
  • Wish to make a career transition to a different industry and unsure how to position and sell yourself effectively in job interviews?
  • Unsure on how to prepare adequately to ace job interivews?
  • Wonder how to gain a competitive advantage over other interviewees competing with you for that job?
  • Received a job offer but unsure on how to negotiate on a win-win basis?



Looking for a job and the interview process at the senior level is complex and challenging. Most mid-late career individuals (including those holding senior level positions) fail badly at interviews. MXP's A.C.E That Interview Premium module provides our systematic 3Ps approach where you will gain an in-depth understanding on how to prepare for an interview, perform your best and A.C.E. the interview including in-depth discussions on how to position yourself for strategic business value added discussions with your interviewer(s).

Following the interview and a job offer made, a large number of individuals (including those at senior job levels) do not have enough experience on how to negotiate their remuneration packages. Some may not even know that they can and should negotiate! MXP's Win-Win Negotiation module provides an in-depth coverage of the 4 Steps of Negotiation focusing at the senior job level as well as the 3 Timeframes in Negotiation with the main objective to achieve win-win for both parties.

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