Program Title:

Assess-for-Success© (A4S)


Target Audience:

Soon-to-graduate students and early career individuals


  • Graduating soon and unsure as to which career options and/or job targets may be best suited for you?
  • Feel you do not have an in-depth understanding of yourself: knowledge, skills and personality traits?
  • Feel that your résumé does not accurately reflect your competencies (knowledge, skills and perspnal attributes) and more critically seems to "undersell" you?
  • Unsure on how to "sell yourself" using your competencies (knowledge, skills and perspnal attributes)?



The Assess-for-Success© (A4S) standalone module consists of a series of assessments including taking stock of your personal interests, vocational interests, work values, personality profile amd skills inventory. Inputs are then analysed and consolidated by your career coach before an indivdual one-on-one consultation to go through your consolidated A4S report in detail.

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