What keeps the CEO awake at night? The challenges faced by CEOs today are getting more diverse and increasingly complex. Organizations’ unprecedented exposure to the vastly uncertain political, financial & economic environment requires that CEOs move from a focus on management & operations to a strategic leadership role embracing innovation and talent management.

CEOs have to constantly monitor execution of business strategies & review them more often to ensure valuable resources are aligned to achieve business goals. CEOs also have the enormous task of ensuring business continuity in the next decade by having internal talent with the desired competencies in place.

CEOs now place an extremely strong focus on the organization’s talent management framework to ensure that the organization can attract, develop and reward the right talent to achieve business objectives & goals and take on key leadership positions.


  • Developing & executing business strategies in a constantly changing business environment.
  • Recruiting & retaining critical talent for key positions.
  • Lack of talent with the desired competencies for succession planning.

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