Max Potential

Facing These Issues?

  • Demoralized because you are unable to land a job of your choice?
  • Frustrated with a lacklustre & stale career?
  • Feel you can achieve much more with your career?

The Max Potential© program is a revolutionary and powerful career success program designed to deliver results in the real world.

Incorporating career best-practices garnered over more than a decade of career consulting and coaching experience partnering Fortune 500 MNCs and thousands of individuals, the Max Potential© program is a results proven program that is customizable to suit the needs of individuals including students, early or mid-career executives, managers and organizational leaders.

The Max Potential© Suite of Programs

Max Potential© is a fully integrated career success program. It is customizable, structured yet flexible enough to fit your preferred pace and time schedule. All Max Potential© programs were designed to meet the needs of individuals at various stages of their lives & careers.

  • Are you a student or soon-to-graduate and wondering about various career options and how to go about your job search?
  • Have you just started your career and aspiring for greater career success?
  • Perhaps you are at a mid-career stage feeling frustrated about your current job/career and would like to do better?

Regardless if you are a student, early or mid-career individual, we have a program that will suit you!

Max Potential Career Success & Job Search
How Can You Benefit From The Max Potential© Program?

  • Gain insights into the secrets of landing your ideal job.
  • Partner an accredited Max Potential© career expert to help you achieve career success.
  • Achieve desired results from our structured program tailored to meet your needs.
  • Leverage on our established network with more than 5,000 HR leaders.
  • Benefit from our extensive experience gained from working with Fortune 500 MNCs on career and leadership success factors.
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Career Excellence© Series


  • Feel your résumé needs a total revamp?
  • Applied for many jobs but did not get many interviews?
  • Went for numerous interviews but did not receive any job offer?
  • Unsure how to unearth more job opportunities?


Whilst Max Potential© was designed as a series of fully integrated career success programs, for individuals who may wish to address particular job search needs, the Career Excellence© series may be suitable.

The Career Excellence© series is a single module series of programs that specifically address certain job search and/or career success needs. They include:

  • Assess-for-Success© (A4S, A4S+, A4S Premium, A4S Premium+)
  • P.O.W.E.R Resume Development
  • P.O.W.E.R Resume Development Premium
  • Job Search Strategies & Planning
  • A.C.E The Interview & Win-Win Negotiation
  • A.C.E The Interview & Win-Win Negotiation Premium
  • Powerful Personal Selling
  • My Personal Brand
  • Start Right: First 90 Days

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Max Potential© Success Stories

Many individuals have benefited from our Max Potential© program series. They include soon-to-graduate students, early-career individuals and even mid-career professionals.
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