Program Title:

Max Potential© Standard


Target Audience:

Soon-to-graduate students and early career individuals


  • Graduating soon and unsure how to go about a systematic & proper way to conduct a job search?
  • Unsure about which career options and/or job targets may be best suited for you?
  • Applied for dozens of job but getting little or no results for interviews?
  • Attended a few interviews but did not receive any job offers?



The Max Potential© Standard program is a high impact program suitable for individuals at all job levels, functions and industries who would like to
find out how one can adopt a structured, time-tested, proven methodology to build the key foundations for career success.

Included in this package are key elements needed to start planning for career success:

  • Career Success Foundation© (CSF) workshop
  • Assess-for-Success© (A4S) session
  • Vision-to-Reality© (V2R) planning session
  • 3 individual coaching sessions with a certified Max Potential© Coach


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