Program Title:

My Personal Brand


Target Audience:

All individuals at any job level & career stage including soon-to-graduate students


  • Wish to start building your own personal brand?
  • Wonder how you can start to forge a prominent long-term personal brand?
  • Wish to align and leverage your personal brand and gain better clarity into your career vision?



In the larget market full of job seekers and/or talents, how does one stand out? How does one differentiate him/herself from the rest? MXP's My Personal Brand module is a critical module for any indiviudal looking to forge a long-term & prominent personal brand. Similar to businesses and their brands, a personal brand provides a clear vision for your career, adds clarity to your area of specialisation to a specific target audience.

Individuals will benefit greatly from MXP's My Personal Brand module as they gain more clarity on their caeer vision and the best practices on how to build a powerful personal brand.

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