Calent3 in partnership with Singapore Business Federation (SBF), Workforce Singapore, NTUC Job Security Council and various industry partners, hope to help businesses better plan and manage their manpower needs due to uncertainties in the current business landscape. Through this webinar, participants will learn about the schemes available to facilitate job matchings and programmes to upskill their workers as well as how to manage an organisational restructuring exercise during Covid-19.

These are uncertain times and Covid-19 has severely disrupted businesses worldwide. Retrenchment numbers for the first half of 2020 in Singapore and many other parts of the world are higher than the SARS period of 2013. Inevitably, many companies are left with no other options but to restructure and in many cases, downsize their workforce.

An Outplacement exercise is one of the most difficult decisions that companies may have to make during its lifetime. How do they plan and manage these critical business decisions? What are the pitfalls to be mindful and how do companies emerge stronger post-outplacement exercise?

Join us in our upcoming webinar where Calent3′s Managing Director, Edmund Seng share key insights and best practices in this area.

Organisational Restructuring During Covid-19: Key Insights & Best Practices in Times of Crisis


  1. An Overview of Outplacement
    • Background & Overview
    • Current Trends & Figures
  2. Outplacement – More Than Just A Business Decision
    • Managing an Outplacement Exercise Professionally, Humanely and Tactfully
    • Various Pitfalls
  3. The Real War – Beyond Outplacement
    • Impending Issues & Challenges
    • What Comes After Outplacement?

Webinar Details

Date: 24 September 2020

Time: 11am – 12pm SST

Platform: Zoom*

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Calent3 Speaker

Edmund SENG

Managing Director, Calent3

Edmund is Founder and Managing Director of Calent3. With 20 years of business, management and human capital consulting experience, he has led consulting teams throughout Asia Pacific partnering Fortune 500 MNCs, large enterprise, government agencies and non-profit organizations in career and talent management initiatives.

As practice leader of Calent3’s Outplacement & Career Transition (OCT) services, he delivers human capital solutions such as Outplacement Consulting, Career Transition, Talent Management and Succession Planning to clients throughout APAC. Industries which he had worked with include: banking & finance, oil & gas, healthcare, life sciences & biotechnology, aviation, pharmaceutical, hospitality, professional services, publishing, electronics & semiconductor manufacturing, supply chain management & logistics, defence technology etc.