Are there disputes arising from ambiguity of information in the handbook? Do your employees see the employee handbook as a mere formality? Was there a strategic intent in developing the handbook?


  • Misalignment of employees’ behaviours vis-à-vis desired behaviours.
  • Increase in turnover due to lack of competitiveness with the market.
  • Costly legal implications when policies do not adhere to statutory requirements

Many organizations fail to realize that in addition to outlining statutory & regulatory requirements and standards, the handbook also presents the organization with a stepping stone to share the organization’s vision, mission & values. This can then be expanded to include critical information for the development of their careers.

We partner organizations to develop their employee handbook at three levels:

  • Statutory and regulatory compliance
  • Market benchmark and positioning
  • Alignment of the organization’s key strategies and goals


  • Provides a starting point for strategic alignment of required employee’s behaviour with organization goals.
  • Well-managed employee expectations result in lesser workplace conflicts and disputes.
  • For organizations where workplace safety is a vital element, clearly defined safety and security policies will decrease risks of workplace accidents.

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