Is employee compensation a frequently raised issue? Are workplace conflicts arising due to the lack of clear job roles & responsibilities?


  • An unclear structure resulting in ambiguity, confusion and often a lack of accountability thereby lowering organization efficiency and productivity.
  • Poor hiring decisions due to lack of clearly defined job roles.
  • Increased employee turnover due to inequality of responsibilities between jobs.

A job structure includes well-defined roles & responsibilities and required knowledge, skills and experience for each job within the organization.

Be it a SME that has grown rapidly over the years and consequently adding new jobs and positions or an established MNC going through a global standardization or post M&A integration, a comprehensive job structure is integral to the organization’s talent management framework. It will impact decisions on recruitment, internal alignment of compensation & benefits, internal job comparisons and help set & manage expectations.


  • Provides the platform for developing a compensation & benefits structure.
  • Provides foundation for individual performance management.
  • Complements the organization’s career development system.

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