Is your performance appraisal just a routine exercise with no real value and KPIs mismatched with your job role? A well construed performance management system is more than an appraisal and should have a much larger strategic impact on the organization and its employees.


  • Individual KPIs are not aligned with the department and ultimately the company's business goals.
  • Competencies measured are mismatched with what is required to achieve results.
  • Disputes and conflicts arise from the biasness of the appraiser and/or the ineffectiveness of the performance management system.

The age old saying of “what gets measured gets done” and more importantly “what gets measured gets improved” are key to any performance management system. More importantly, how do we align the performance management system with business objectives?


  • Clarity on “what to measure” and “what needs to be improved”.
  • Provide clear and accurate insights into developmental gaps.
  • Achieve business goals with optimal contribution from employees.
  • High talent retention and increase in drive to perform.

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