Do individuals really dislike change? Change is good – as long as we initiate it. This age old saying has it that people dislike change and will naturally resist change. Seemingly true in many cases, it is also only a partial truth.

Most people do like change if they are the ones who initiated it – but not if it was “enforced upon them.” This indicates the need for adopting a different approach emphasizing on greater involvement in the decisions that lead to change, including a new approach to an age-old concept: “communicating change”.

In today’s dynamic business environment, change takes place at an ever increasing rate. A Change & Transition Management (CTM) exercise is a leader and individual led initiative that helps create opportunities to involve and prepare relevant employees in a professional and sensitive manner to understand, cope, manage and advocate changes in more effective ways to maintain the quality, productivity, morale and service levels of the workforce.


  • Employees avoiding accountability for change initiatives.
  • Increased employee turnover due to lack of understanding real drivers for change.
  • Productivity, performance and morale levels drastically affected.
  • Deterioration of service levels due to employees resisting change.


  • Provide organisations with the agility to respond to today’s ever dynamic marketplace.
  • Employees develop a sense of ownership when involved in change initiatives, thereby increasing productivity, morale and service levels
  • Provide an opportunity to promote teaming via a two-way communication process between employees and decision makers
  • Enable employees to adopt a proactive approach in their day-to-day operations and to appreciate the macro view of the business

Case study 01: Post-Acquisition & Restructuring: “Coping with Change Via Effective Teaming”
Case study 02: Organization Restructuring: “Think Change & Effective Teams”

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