A strategic planning exercise is a leader-led initiative that sets the direction of the organisation. It is a systematic and carefully analysed initiative that helps build the vision, mission, goals, objectives and values for the organisation. Strategies are then formulated to support the organisation’s vision, mission, goals, objectives and values.


  • Diminishing market value/market share/profit margins.
  • Lack of clearly defined strategic business direction and objectives.
  • Resources are not properly utilized resulting in inability to achieve desired results.
  • Lack of clarity in the organization’s talent management initiatives.


  • Provides the blueprint to increase market share and profits.
  • Commitment from leadership and management team to execute on their proposed strategic direction.
  • Maximize returns to the organization based on strategic allocation of limited resources.
  • Helping start-ups to gain clarity in key result areas and focus on their first few formative years to ensure business survival.
  • Aid businesses having mid to high growth to building core competencies and continue to leverage on their distinct competencies.
  • Partner businesses in the maturity stage to review, renew or reposition their business direction.

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