Developed economies generally have an aging population and low birth rate which translates to a shrinking workforce. The intensifying talent warfare exacerbates this issue. Companies have to develop innovative employment policies and practices to become ‘employers of choice’.

We work with organizations to re-employ, re-deploy and re-career their silver age workforce thereby retaining invaluable know-how and experience for the continued success of the organization.


  • Inability to meet manpower needs to support business operations.
  • High costs of re-hiring and training of new workforce.
  • Loss of key skills, knowledge and experience from the retiring workforce.


  • Complement the organization’s brand as an ‘employer of choice’ which positively enhances talent attraction and retention.
  • Proactively manage the issue of aging workforce so as to leverage on the experience, networks & the relationship goodwill built up over the years.
  • Save on hiring & training costs.

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