Organization restructuring and rightsizing initiatives are commonplace in today’s economy. While such initiatives become more prevalent, they should nevertheless be regarded and implemented with the highest level of professionalism and sensitivity.

A well planned and implemented outplacement exercise takes into account deliberate & detailed planning, proper coaching of notifiers and contingency plans for every possible scenario when the exercise is taking place. It embraces Murphy’s law where “anything that may go wrong will go wrong”.


  • Public image & reputation of the organization could be severely tarnished due to negative media coverage and “below-the-line” industry-talk.
  • Morale and productivity of remaining employees would be drastically affected over a prolonged duration.
  • Near-term talent retention issues compounded by mid-to-long term talent acquisition challenges.


  • Continued trust and confidence from remaining employees and other relevant stakeholders.
  • Key talent retention at a time when it is most crucial.
  • Minimizes negative impact on employee’s morale & productivity and ultimately the organization’s performance.

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