Expatriates who return before the end of their contracts would result in huge costs incurred by their companies. 95% of respondents of a survey indicated that challenges relating to family or spouse/partner and location or cultural issues are considered the first and third most common areas failing to meet expectations. Personal rather than professional issues continue to be by far the most significant factor in failed assignments & dissatisfied assignees.

Calent3 provides both work and non-work relocation transition assistance for the partners of expatriates. We leverage on the network & resource pool of our transition expertise including on the ground resources & accredited coaches with relevant experiences to cater to the needs of each spouse/partner. The relationship built with each client goes beyond just the assignment and support is rendered even when each project is formally complete. We consistently make an effort in going the extra mile to ensure the spouse and his/her family can transition to the culture of the new location to support the overall success of the expatriate program.


  • Mobilization strategies are not in pace with talent management needs.
  • High costs of an unsuccessful expatriate program.
  • Resistance & reluctance to relocate due to concerns about the family needs of the talent.
  • Unhappy spouse/partner negatively affecting the performance of the expatriate.


  • Complements the organization’s global mobility initiative and strengthens the larger talent management strategy in order to attract, retain & mobilize talent effectively.
  • Balancing the needs of the organization as well as the employees and their families.
  • Increase the success rate of the expatriate program.
  • Positively influence productivity & retention.

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