Program Title:

P.O.W.E.R Resume Development Premium


Target Audience:

Mid-late career individuals


  • Reached your mid-late career crossroads and feel it is time to review and renew your résumé?
  • Unsure how to develop a powerful résumé that accurately reflects your years of experience and achivements?
  • Feel that your current résumé is not well structured and is not concise nor cohesive?
  • Thinking of making a transition to a different career path and unsure how to repackage your résumé to achieve desired reults?
  • Feel overwhelmed with the sheer amount of information, experience and competencies that you have accumulated over the years and subsequently an overly lengthly résumé that is disjointed?



Max Potential©'s P.O.W.E.R Résumé Development Premium module was designed for individuals in their mid-late career stage. It employs a real-world results proven methodology including a structured 3-step process to ensure that your résumé is Powerful, On-Target, Win, Effective and a Right Fit.

This Premium module is conducted by our senior and highly experienced coaches who have real-life experience working with senior business & HR leaders in a corporate and/or consulting/coaching capacity. Designed for anyone who is keen to improve their résumé and to beat the competition, this Premium module also addresses complex business value propositions with the objective of securing that interview to be one step closer towards landing that ideal job!

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