Program Title:

Start Right: First 90 Days


Target Audience:

All individuals at any job level & career stage including soon-to-graduate students


  • Starting on a new job soon and unsure how to start on the right footing?
  • Held your previous job for a long time and starting on a new job but unsure on how to start on the right footing?
  • Wonder why many individuals unknowingly make mistakes during the first 90 days on a new job?
  • Wish to set the foundation from the start of a new job and pave the way for continued success?



As the saying goes, "failure to plan is planning to fail", the same applies when starting on a new job. A large number of individuals start their new jobs without a well thought-out plan for their first 90 days. As a result, they make mistakes unknowingly from various perspectives including work culture, team relations, routine day-to-day work activities etc.

MXP's Start Right: First 90 Days module addresses the intricacies of navigating your first 90 days in a new job/role via a 4-stage process, the importance of being proactive and the U.R.L. of Change.

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